“Begin with the end in mind.” Stephen Covey 

You will spend lots of time talking in our sessions but this is not therapy, coaching is an action-orientated, future-focused process and you already have all the answers and solutions. You’ll define and refine in the session and leave with a clear plan until we see each other next time.

Please see my most popular packages below.

Be ‘interview’ ready


Be Interview ready

Are you ready to go back to work but feel ill-prepared for an interview, are you looking to change career or just want a new job?


A series of 8 individual hourly coaching sessions to increase your confidence in how to present yourself and prepare for behavioural based interviews.


  • Body language, communication skills and personal confidence review.

  • Personal Swot analysis (how to answer those dreaded ‘strengths & weaknesses’ or ‘why should we hire YOU’ questions)

  • Values assessment (explore the company culture and the roles that fit with your values so you can ask good questions at interview too!) 

  • Application action plan, CV content, personal motivation letter structures to work to.

  • Interview preparation example questions, practice & role play.

Package price: CHF 1'250.00


Be your Personal Best


Are you aiming to be ‘beach body’ ready by your holiday, taking an exam, or at a crossroads and confused with which path to take? 

A series of 6 individual hourly coaching sessions designed to help you discover, prioritise, motivate, and succeed with your personal or professional goals.

  • 2 hour free workshop – ‘Successful Goal Setting’

  • Self-esteem vs Self-Confidence and their impact on Self-belief

  • Tools & Exercises to move you forward

  • How to recognise and change limiting beliefs that hold you back

  • Action planning & follow-up


Package price: CHF 750.00


Be Resilient


Are you or your team overly stressed? Are they showing signs of strain and struggling to deliver results? Is there work & life mismatch? Some stress is motivating and can lead to positive results but distress is terribly damaging and costly for companies, managers and the individual.

A series of 6 individual hourly coaching sessions created to recognise the symptoms and signs of strain within yourself or others and how to manage and accomplish deliverables.

  • Investigate competency or survival mode techniques

  • Understand Type A and Type B personalities and the link to stress

  • Tools and techniques

  • ABC model and how to use it

  • Explore the Comfort, Stretch and Panic zones

  • Why people become sick due to stress

Package price: CHF 750.00
(In addition group workshops can also be arranged and delivered for teams, please contact me directly to discuss.)


Be a Rockstar


Are you struggling to hit your fitness goals, weight loss targets or health plan? Maybe your mind and the body are misaligned.
Let’s tap into your inner voice and help them to work together.
A 6 week plan consisting of:

  • 3 x 1 hour outdoor physical workouts a week (with a qualified trainer) 

  • 1 hour individual Life coaching per week

  • Personal nutrition and metabolic plan

Package Price: 1'250.00 CHF
(No more than 10 in a group to ensure personal service and training)​